Jun duki

Jun duki (Jun zuki) is a punch with your left (right) hand when you stand with your left (right) foot in front of you. It is very similar to a jab of boxing. The power of Jun duki is not so large but it takes less time to reach your opponent.
In the following figures, Jun duki after you step forward is shown, however, there are many variations for Jun duki. In the following way, you can learn much easily how to turn your shoulder and hip. After you find out how to use the power of your shoulder and hip turn in the movement shown below, try many variations such as, stand still Jun duki , without stepping forward , and so on.

The animation in the left shows a practice method of jun duki while moving forward.
Learn how to move forward and how to use your hip movement and switching your shoulders.

(1) Put forward your left foot as shown in the left figure.
(2)Withdraw your right foot a little. At the same time, turn your shoulder counterclockwise. By this movement you can store up an energy to throw your left punch.
(3)Turn your shoulder and hip clockwise. With this turning power stretch our your left fist to your opponent. Pull your right hand in front of your chest. Also use this movement to accelerate the turning speed.
Do not put your left fist stretched out so that your opponent will not have any chance to seize your left hand.

The punching power must be assisted with the force kicking the ground with your right foot as shown in the left figure.

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