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The Shorinji Kempo club is one of the biggest clubs in Tokyo university. About 50 to 100 undergraduates and graduate students join every year.

Date Activities Place comments
2006.5.28 May festival 2006 Shichitokudo in Hongo
2005.7.20 Sugimoto memorial Housei University Goho training.
2005.5.30 May festival 2005 Shichitokudo in Hongo
2004.5.30 May festival 2004 Shichitokudo in Hongo
2003.11.23 Komaba Festival 2003 Komaba
2003.6.1 May Festival 2003 Shichitokudo in Hongo
2002.5.26 May Festival 2002 Shichitokudo in Hongo
2002.4.27-29 Welcome Camp 2002 Iwai, Kitaharakan Over 40 members joined Tokyo University Shorinji Kempo club.
2001.11.25 Komaba Festival 2001 Komaba
2001.8.1-8 Summer Camp 2001 Kaneyoshi in Katashina
2001.7.29. 7 Univ. Competition 2001 Komaba Overall 3rd position.
2001.5.27. May Festival 2001 Shichitokudo in Hongo Very impressive Enbu!!
2001.4.21-22. Welcome Camp 2001 Iwai, Kitaharakan A little rain with many freshmen and women.
2000.11.26. Komaba Festival 2000 Komaba Nice weather and great Enbu!
2000.8. Summer Camp 2000 Kaneyoshi in Katashina Days of hard training!!!!
2000.5.28 May Festival 2000 Shixhitokudo in Hongo Warm and clear sky.
21/11/99 Komaba Festival 1999 Komaba Judo gim. Cool and clear sky.
30/5/99 May Festival 1999 Shixhitokudo in Hongo Fine weather, powerful Enbu exhibitions.
2/4/99 Recruit 1999 Komaba This is the biggest event for recruiting freshman.
23/11/98 Komaba Festival 1998 Komaba 1st gim. Excellent exhibitions.
1-8/8/98 Summer Camp 1998 Kaneyoshi in Katashina More than 80 members of Shorinji Kempo club participated.
31/5/98 May Festival 1998 Shichitokudo in Hongo Impressive exhibition of wemen's one-to-many fighting techniques.

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