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Komaba Festival is the biggest event held on the Komaba campus.

opening exercise
Basic Excersize
mass exhibition mass exhibition
Mass Exhibition
exhibitionEnbu is the primary way to exhibit and practice Shorinji Kempo. randori photoRandori with face guard and boxing glove main exhibitionEnbuof the leading students.
one to many Enbuone to many Enbu 2
Wemen's one to many fighting exhibition.
one to many enbu 3 comment of Sanada
Listen to the comments of Mr. Sanada.

Summer Camp 1998 Back Next

Summer camp is the first big event for the new members of the Shorinji Kempo club. It is usually held in a cool mountain area to avoid the hot and humid weather in Tokyo.

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Under the flag of the Shorinji Kempo club.
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Instructor SanadaInstructor Mr. Sanada. New boysNew members, called green boys.
randori randori 2
randori 3Randori, free fighting practice, is one of the exciting training sessions in summer camp. 7
rondori 4Prepare for the variety of the situation. Click if interested.shamesecret
enbu photoEnbu is the most physically powerful form of Shorinji Kempo. enbu 2A skilled woman can easily throw a man like this.
ladies photo Ladies having break
Men of power

May festival, Gogatsusai, 1998 Back Next
opening exercise enbu 1Enbu is the highlight of the festival.
enbu 2Locking the wrist after the take down. randori 1Exhibition of randori to show the guests Shorinji Kempo's power.
one to many technique
Wemen's exhibition, one to many fighting techniques.
ending photo