Alumni and Students Party after Randori back next

This is one of the biggest event of Kenseikai. Usually it is held in December, however, in the year 2000 it was held on January the 8th.

warm up attention randori1 randori
Warming up. Ready? Start. First randori with protecter.
randori randori randori randori
Alumni is taking advantage as usual.
randori randori randori end
all together
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old youngs
Sukiyaki party after randori.
today anounce
Report of the today's randori study.
youngs party
party party old sing
ladies end end click to expand
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Annual Alumni Camp 1999 back next

Annual alumni camp was held at Shimogamo, in Izu, on Sept. 4th and 5th.
Participants were Takita(1), Miki(2), Yamanouchi(3), Kimura(4), Suzuki(6), Hayashi(6), Takada(9), Tonohara(9), Hyodo(11), Ohta(13), Mori(13), Kawamoto(14), Suzuki(19), Nakashima(19), Inoue(26), Yamamoto(28), Ohta(29), Sugita(32).

majon BBQ
Marjon is a favorite game of Kenseikai. One drink before party. BBQ is ready.
Suzuki Party
Speech of Takita(1) general manager. Speech of Suzuki(6) chairman. Suzuki(19) with his child.
Speech of Kimura(4), chairman of Kanto universities Alumni association.
Party Party Party
Sleepy time for someone. Entertainment 1.
Party running
Entertainment 2. Exchange of the yell. Running to the shore.
gather start stretch push up
training Let's start training.B Wooo. Kentate, push up with fist.
marjon two bigs All together. Click to expand Mt. Fuji
Marjon again. On the way back from the alumni camp.

Annual General Assembly 1999 back next

After May festival on Hongo campus, annual general assembly of Kenseikai was held in Gakushikaikan.

suzuki sanada jojima beer
Chairman Mr. Suzuki's speach. Mr Sanada's speach. A new member Mr. Jojima is welcomed.
Listning new exectives all together

Mr. Nagata's comeback party back next

Mr. Nagata's (2nd) celebration party.