Alumni and Student Party back next
photo of members on Jan meeting
Alumni and student sukiyaki party was held at Dosokaikan.
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Listn to Takita's speach Listen to Takita's speach 2 elder people's table
young meet old sukiyaki party arm wrestling 1 arm wrestling 2
entry for arm wrestling Arm Wrestling.

60th Anniversary of Shichitokudo back next

A party marking the 60th anniversary of Tokyo university's budo hall, Shichitokudo, was held at Sanjokaigisho and alumni of all theBudo clubs, Kendo, Judo, Aiki, Karate and Shorinji Kempo, gathered together.

photo suzuki/sanadaMr. Sanada (right) , from Shakujii doin, is the chief instructor at Shorinji Kempo club of Tokyo university. photo nagaiMr. Nagai (left) and Mr. Suzuki (center), president of Kensaikai, and Mr. Sanada (right).
photo of allMr. Takita (center) is a founder of Tokyo university's Shorinji Kempo club.
photo nakano

Annual Alumni Camp at Izu back next

Its our great pleasure to meet annually to remember the good old days. The Alumni camp is usually held in Shimogamo, Izu ,in either summer or autumn. Schedules in the camp are evening meeting and party, morning running on the shore, and basic training and lunch.

photo on the shoreOnce a year members of Kenseikai gather at Shimogamo camp to remember their friends and to hone their ability to practice Shorinji Kempo.

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staring on the shore basic work
punch running photo suzuki evening party
evening party 2 old OB BBQ at the garden students
The evening party is the main event at camp.

Local meeting back next
friends1Those live in the same area gathered together.

Steering committee for Kenseikai back next

Kenseikai is governed by the Steering committee. Student members join the committee to help with activities.

student member
The student members of Kenseikai help with its activities.
stearing commitee
The members of the steering committee.
student member photo
Funny guys.
Hayashi photo
Dr. Hayashi, second from left, is the author of this web site.
Aihara photo
Nominal, Japanese for drinking party, with Mr. Aihara, second from left.

1998 Annual General assembly Back Next

The Annual general assembly is held in May to set its budget for the coming fiscal year and to elect new steering committee members. It is the biggest meeting of Kenseikai.

photo of the member kawa-sino elder members
The latest Annual general assembly was held at Gakushikaikan in phototakita photo beer at the garden elder members
younger members student members