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Shorinji Kempo
Mental Power shin icon Shin Shin means mind, the faculty of reason and control. Many believe that dependability goes hand in hand with developing mental power.
Physical Techniques

"Eki Kin Gyou"
juho icon Juho Juho is a set of techniques which let you escape from holds and enable you to throw someone who is attacking you.
goho icon Goho Goho is a set of self-defense techniques using kicking and punching. 
seiho icon Seiho Seiho is a set of techniques of theraputic massage and relaxation techniques.
Intelligence chi Chi Chi means wisdom, intelligence, mental ability. Practicing Shorinji Kempo develops one's mental faculty through human relations and the disciplined execution of physical techniques.

Shorinji Kempo is a conglomerate of the above three. Even to execute physical techniques there always must be Shin, mental power, to overcome the fear and Chi, to find out the weak point of the aggressor. And also, in physical techniques, Goho and Juho are not independant, they can work best with other's help.

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kenzenichinyo The body and the heart, they must go together.
Development of one's body is greatly aided by one's control of one's mind.
rikaifuji Power and love, they must go together, too. Power without love is nothing but violence. Love without the power to sustain it is useless.
shushukouju Do not try to defeat someone without thinking of defence. Offense without defense will lead you to lose.
fusaku Do not try to harm anyone. Shorinji Kempo is intended to assist and develop people.
gouju Goho and Juho cannot be separated. They will work most beautifully in combination. You must practice both of them for good results.
kumite Try to practice Shorinji Kempo with a partner, who can help you practice in realistic situations. You can learn from each other.

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shuhariThe literal meaning of these three characters are Obey, Break and Leave. Their meanings are thought to be essential for learning the profound techniques.

Obey, in this context, means "do exactly as you are taught". Sometimes, you will think of a better way to execute some technique or other however, such kind of casual idea will not help your progress. Understanding each technique can be achieved only if you have come to be able to do it as you are taught..

Break means modifying what you are taught to fit yourself, but after you fully understand what you were taught. You come to a level of modifying the techniques for better performance and bigger effect.

Leave means establishing ones own techniques. You can develop your own techniques after going through the Break level.

Always try to go through these steps. You have to be modest to master the important fundamental techniques of Shorinji Kempo.

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Enbu, or prearranged sequence of offending and defending techniques, is the most Shorinji Kempo like exhibition.
enbu To see Enbu in AVI movie, please click on the right photo. 4.76MB for about two minutes movie. To see a shoter version, please click here. 1.64MB for about 35 seconds movie.

Actually it is not just for an exhibition, it is for mastering Shorinji Kempo, and is the ultimate style of Kumite, major practicing way of Shorinji Kempo's techniques.
Kumite means practicing techniques in cooperation with a partner. He can give you a chance to learn how an opponent may  react to your movement, or your techniques such as joint locking is effective or not,  and what do you feel in the pressure of his attack. Thus via Kumite you can learn from your partner and you can teach him at the same time.

Shorinji Kempo's techniques are well fitted for sequence of movement. Imagine that you are attacked by someone, it is not realistic that he attacks you only once with one blow and does nothing right after. He will continue to offend you till he is stopped or succeeds to take you down. Thus, to prepare for the sequence of blows or kicks is very important and Enbu is one of the best way to train you to be ready for such situation.

Although Enbu is prearranged, people in higher level can change the arrangement occasionally or arbitrary. They have profound knowledge of the opponent's action and reaction. However, while you are in beginner's level try to do as exactly as it is prearranged. The point here is that you must, for example, deliver your blow so that it will hit your partner unless he dodges it. If you deliver your blow not to reach him even if he stands still, Enbu becomes nothing but tracing the sequence without the partner. This cannot be called "Enbu", nor do anything meaningful for your development.

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Shorinji Kempo is a sophisticated set of techniques and it is hard to gain an appreciation for how the techniques are interrelated. It's hard to learn by oneself. You have to feel the effect of the techniques by practicing it with others. And since you have to start from the Obey stage, you need an expert to learn from.

It is strongly recommended that if you want to learn Shorinji Kempo, join a Dojo or Doin where people who want to learn Shorinji Kempo gather.

You can find Dojo or Doin all over the world. There are many expert teachers of Shorinji Kempo, graduates of special training course in Honzan, which is the head quarter of Shorinji Kempo. Honzan, in Shikoku prefecture of Japan, is where Shorinji Kempo was founded. Every Dojo and Doin is ready to welcome you.

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