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Photos from the campus of Tokyo university. Tokyo univesity's facilities are distributed among three separate locations: Hongo, Komaba and Seiken in Roppongi.

Club room Hongo campus
Komaba campus Seiken campus

Club room Back
Shorinji Kempo's main club room is onKomaba campus and rooms are assigned for Club use at Hongo, on the first floor of Shichitokudoon the main campus of Tokyo university.
club room in ShichitokudoShichitokudo is the training hall for Tokyo university's martial arts clubs. It remains austere and is full of memories for alumni.

outside inside1Club room entrance. inside2
From its exterior, the newly build club room looks like an apartmant house. (Upper right)The club room houses lockers and, at the end of the room, many torophies won by Tokyo University's Shorinji Kempo club.
inside3Club Room Interior. inside4Kotatsu, traditional electric heater covered with a blanket, creates a family atmosphere.
inside5 VCR Review of training.

Shimogamo-ryou, a facility of Tokyo university, located at the south end of Izu peninsula. Annual alumni camp is held at this facility.
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Gate Green house. to the main building.
Main building Entrance Hall
Hot bath Public bath.
Way to the sea. Cycling road.

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