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There are more than 3000 branches of Shorinji Kempo Organization scattered all over the world. Listed below are branches in Tokyo Shorinji Kempo Association. About 130 branches are in Tokyo area, the author asked each branch to permit me to list its activities and point of contact. Listed below are those branches allowed me to list their information.
When you want to send a postal mail, please add "Tokyo, Japan" to the listed point of contact if it has not "xx Japan".

Because a person who will pick up a receiver when you phone is not always expected to speak English well. It is recommended to go to the place of training first and see what they are doing, and ask for joining to a person in charge face to face, or write a letter if you do not live in Tokyo.
They will welcome you. Many branches welcome a new comer and let you watch their class.

Area map index

map Edogawa Taito,Sumida,Koto Adachi,Katsushika Kita,Toshima,Arakawa,Bunkyo Chiyoda,Chuo Shinjuku,Shibuya Meguro,Minato,Shinagawa Ohta Setagaya Suginami,Nakano Nerima,Itabashi Chofu,Komae Musashino,Mitaka Higashikurume,Tanashi,Hoya Machida Tama,Inagi Kokubunji,KUnitachi,Koganei,Fuchu Akishima,Tachikawa,Hino Higashiyamato,Higashimurayama,Ayase,Kodaira Hamura,Musashimurayama,Fussa Nishitama,Oume,Hachioji,Akiruno Out of Tokyo

Alphabetical index

Listed below are alphabetical index. Branches having name "Tokyo xxx" are so many that in the following index, they are classified by the remaining part xxx. For example "Tokyo Ukima Branch" is in the "U" part of the table.

A Akiruno Branch Asakusa Imado Branch
Arakawa Branch Tokyo Akabane Branch
Tokyo Adachi Towa Branch Tokyo Asuka Branch
C Chofu Branch Chofu Jindaiji Branch
F Fukagawa Branch
G Ginza Branch Tokyo Gotanda Branch
Tokyo Gyouninzaka Branch
H Tokyo Hirai Branch (2007.1.29 updated) Hikarigaoka Branch
Hachioji Matsue Branch Hachioji Minami Branch
Hachioji Nishi Branch Hachioji Higashi Branch
Tokyo Hoya Branch Hoya Kotobuki Branch
I Itabashi Yayoi Branch Itabashi Bodaiju Branch
Itabashi Hasune Branch
K Tokyo Kokubunji Branch
Tokyo Kanamach Branch Tokyo Kodaira Branch
M Machida Branch Machida Minami Naruse Branch
Tokyo Meguro Branch Machida Yamazaki Branch
Mitaka chuo Branch
N Tokyo Naruse Branch Nerima Takamatsu Branch
O Tokyo Ohji Branch Okutama Branch
Ohsaki Branch Tokyo Ohta Branch
Omori Branch Tokyo Onarimon Branch
S Shakujii Higashi Branch Shakujii Branch
Sangenjaya Branch Tokyo Shieikan Branch
Shimotakaido-minami Branch(2008.7.21 updated) Sumida Branch
Shibuya Sasaduka Branch
Tokyo Shinagawa Branch Tokyo Senzoku Ike Branch
Sendagaya Branch
T Toshima Branch Tama Ochiai Branch
Tama Tsurumaki Branch Tama Hijirigaoka Branch
Tokyo Tatsumi Branch(2007.3.3 new)
U Tokyo Ukima Branch Tokyo Ueno Branch
Y Yotsuya Branch


       Branch name         Branch master name Listed date
Place of training (class time) How to get to the place
Point of contact, Postal address and phone

Branches havingsymbol are those branch having WWW pages of their own.

List of the branches in Tokyo

Branches in Musashino and Mitaka back Next
Branches in Musashino-shi and Mitaka-shi
mitaka chuo branch Master: Yutaka Kawanishi 2006.5.7
Mitaka Budo-kan, 5 min. on foot form Mitaka station south exit, JR Chuo line,
(Wed. :PM6:00-PM8:30, junior class until PM7:30 )
Mitaka-shi 2nd gimnagium, or Mitaka-shi Fukushi-kaikan
near Mitaka City office bus station, the bus can be caught at MItaka, Kichijori or Chofu station.
(Sat. : PM6:00-PM9:00, junior class until PM7:30 )
Note: off on holidays
Point of contact: zip197-0802, Mr. Yuaka Kawauchi, 3677 Kusabana, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo
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Let's enjoy learning Shorinji Kempo.
Branches in Chofu and Komae back Next
Branches in Chofu-shi and Komae-shi
Chofu Branch Master: Kazuo Watanabe 1999.8.7.
Chofu-shi Shimo ishihara Kokaido, 3-14-14 Shimoishihara, Chofu-shi
(Tues., Fri. :PM7:00-PM9:30) 
Keio line; Chofu station, 7 min. on foot
Point of contact: zip1820012, Mr. Kazuo Watanabe, 3-30-2 Jindaiji Higashi-machi, Chofu-shi
Chofu Jindaiji Branch Master: Kenji Katsura 2003.9.29 updated
Chofu-shi Jindai junior high school, 2nd Gym.
(Mon.,Thrs.: Young PM6:30-PM8:30, Adults PM6:30-PM9:30)
Take a bus to Jindaiji at Tsutsujigaoka station of Keio line and get off at Uenohara elementally school and 10 min. walk
Point of contact: zip1820023, Mr. Kenji Katsura, 3-1-71 Someji, Chofu-shi
Email; Mr. Kenji Katura,
Any one, old or young, can join at any time. You can have one month experimental training period to find out whether to join or leave.
Branchaes in Nishi Tama, Oume and Hachioji back next
Branches in Nishi Tama district, Oume-shi, Hachioji-shi, Akiruno-shi
Tama Ochiai Branch Master: Tomohiro Hosaka 1999.8.7.
Hachioji-shi Kashiwagi elementally school Gym.
(Wed.: PM6:00-PM8:30)Click here to see a branch in close relation
Point of contact: zip1910033, Mr. Tomohiro Hosaka, 517-2 Mogusa, Hino-shi
Although training given is a little bit hard, people practice Shorinji Kempo pleasantly.
Hachioji-shi Matsue Branch Master: Kenichi Kato 1999.8.7.
Hachioji Inume Kindergarten(Thur.,Sat.: PM7:30-PM9:30, young to PM9:00)
Point of contact: zip1930803 Mr. Kenichi Kato, 1271-9 Narahara-cho, Hachioji-shi
Pupils are enjoining Shorinji Kempo among with grown up Kenshi. Active in local social events.
Akiruno Branch Master: Masaaki Magome 1999.8.7.
Akikawa Taiikukan, 683 Ninomiya, Akiruno-shi (Thur., Sat. : PM7:00-PM9:00)
Itsukaichi line Akikawa station, 30 min. on foot
Point of contact: zip3540015 Mr. Masaaki Magome, 2-27-13 Higashi Mizuhodai, Fujimi-shi, Saitama, Japan
From 1st grade elementaly school to fifties learning Shorinji Kempo. Continue to learn with fun is our first object.
Hachioji Minami Branch Master: Yoshiaki Komeki(1), Uhara(2) 2005.11.26 updated
(1)Minamino elemantary school , 6-14-1 Minamino, Hachioji-shi
JR line Hachioji minamino station, 10 min. on foot
(Mon.: young PM7:00-PM8:30, adults PM7:00-PM9:30)
(2)Minamino junior high school, 6-14-2 Ninamino, Hachioji-shi
JR Chuo line, Hachioji minamino station, 12 min. on foot
(Thurs.: young PM7:00-PM8:30, adults PM7:00-PM9:30)
(3)Takamine elemantary school, 4-21-1 Kitanodai, Hachioji-shi
JR line Katakura station, 20 min.. on foot
(Fri.: young PM7:00-PM8:30, adults PM7:00-PM9:30)
(Sat.:young PM6:00-PM7:30, adults PM6:00-PM9:00)
Point of contact:(1) zip2200208 Mr. Yoshiaki Yomeki, 371-47 Matano, Tsukui-cho, Tsukui-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
(tel/fax:042-784-6938, cellar 090-9368-7324)

(2)zip 1920903 Mr. Kikuo Migihara, 100-7 yorozucho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Hachioji Nishi Branch Master: Shinichi Ishima 2005.4.7 updated
(1)Hachioji-shi Motoki elementary school(Tues.: young PM6:30-PM8:00, adults PM8:00-PM9:00)
JR line Takao station, 10 min. by car
(2)Hachioji-shi Higashi Asakawa elemantary school, (Sat.: PM7:00-PM9:00)
JR line Takao station or Keio line Takao station, 5 min. on foot
Point of contact: Mr. Shinichi Ishima, 1-63-15 Mejirodai , Hachioji-shi
About one third of the members are women. More than 20 black belts are leading the class.
Okutama Branch Master: Kunio Arai 1999.8.7.
Okutama sports community , Hikawa, Okutama-cho, Nishi tama-gun(Tues., Fri..: PM7:00-PM9:00)
Point of contact: zip1980086 Mr. Kunio Arai, 1535 Ooyanagi-cho, Oume-shi
Clean streams of Tama river is running near the branch. It is located 50 meter from Okutama station. Recently hot spring has found in 2 min walking distance.
Hachioji Higashi Branch Master: Yoshitaka Okubo 1999.8.7.
(1)Ishikawa Shimin Center , 438 Ishikawa-cho, Hachioji-shi(Sun..: AM9:00-AM12:00)
JR line Komiya station, 10 min. on foot


(2)Ishikawa junior high school, 2-55 Kuboyama-cho, Hachioji-shi(Wed.: PM7:30-PM9:30)
JR line Komiya station 30 min. on foot or 20 min. by bus to Utsugidai from JR line Hino station
Point of contact; Mr Yoshitaka Okubo, Click here for emai.
Many young boys. Enjoyable training.
 Branches in Tama and Inagi back next
Branches in Tama-shi and Inagi-shi
Tama Ochiai Branch Master: Tomohiro Hosaka 1999.8.7.
Tama-shi Nishiochiai junior high school Club house, (Tues., Fri.: PM 6:00-PM8:30)
Click here to see closely related branch
Point of contact: zip1910033, Mr. Tomohiro Hosaka, 517-2 Mogusa, Hino-shi
Although training given is a little bit hard, people practice Shorinji Kempo pleasantly.
Tama Tsurumaki Branch Master: Kazuyuki Nakamura 1999.8.7.
Tama-shi Tsurumaki junior high school Club house, 6-2719 Tsurumaki, Tama-shi
Odakyu line Karakida station 5 min. on foot
(Tues.: young PM6:00-PM8:00, adults PM6:00-PM9:00, Sun.: AM10:00-AM12:00)
Point of contact: zip2060000 Mr. Kazuyuki Nakamura, 3-3-3-402 Nagayama, Tama-shi
            Click to email
About 16 members are active and half of them are women
Tama Hijirigaoka Branch Master: Tadashi Ushijima 2003.6.28 updated
Tama city Budokan (Thurs.:PM6:30-PM9:00, Sat.:PM6:00-PM9:00)
Keio line Seiseki Sakuragaoka station or Keio Nagayama station, take a bus and get off at Suwa 4-chome
Point of contact:(1)Mr. Tadasu Ushijima, (Tel:042-339-2703)
(2)Mr. Satoshi WatanabeClick to Email(Tel:070-5073-5682)
There are relatively small number of members training themselves at the levels fitted to them.
Branches in Kokubunji and Fuchu back next
Branches in Kokubunji-shi, Kunitachi-shi, Koganei-shi and Fuchu-shi
Tokyo Kokubunji Branch Mster: Yasuhiko Morita 1999.8.7.
(1)Kokubunji-shi Daiyon(4th) elementaly school (Wed., Sat.: PM6:30-PM9:00)
(2)Kokubunji-shi Dainana(7th) elementaly school (Fri.: PM6:30-PM9:00)
Point of cantact: zip3530005 Mr. Yasuhiko Morita, 4-20-17 Saiwai-cho, Shiki-shi, Saitama, Japan
Come and see our training.
Branches in Machida back next
Branches in Machida-shi
Machida Branch Master: Hidehiro Michishita 1999.8.7.
(1)Machida Daiichi(1st) elementary school (Tues.: PM6:40-PM9:00)
Odakyu line Machida station, 5 min. on foot
(2)Machida Daiichi(1st) junior high school (Sat.: PM7:00-PM9:00)
Odakyu line Machida station, 8 min. on foot
Point of contact: zip1940022 Mr. Hidehiro Michishita, 3-18-1 Morino, Machida-shi
Machida Minaminaruse Branch Master: Masahiko Shirahama 1999.8.7.
Machida-shi Sogo Taiikukan, 5-12 Minami naruse, Machida-shi
(Tues., Sat.: young PM6:00-PM7:40, adults PM7:00-PM8:45)
Yokohama line Naruse station 7 min. on foot
Point of contact: zip1940023 Mr.Masahiro Shirahama, 201 Asahi-haitu, 1-9-2 Asahi-cho, Machida-shi
Training is aimed at teaching profound techniques of Shorinji Kempo.
Tokyo Naruse Branch Master: Akihiro Kanno 1999.8.7.
Naruse Chuo elementary school, Marusedai, Machida-shi (Wed., Sat.: young PM6:7:30, adults PM7:00-PM9:00)
Point of contact: zip2290002 Mr. Akihiro Kanno, 4-19-24 Fuchinobe honmachi, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Japan
Machida Yamazaki Branch Master: Kazuta Hosotani 2006.7.15 updated
Kiso Yamazaki Center, ( Tue.: from PM 7:00)
Yamazaki junior high school gimnasium, ( Sat.: from PM6:00 )

15 minutes by bus from Machida Station, Odakyu line.
Point of contact: Mr. Kazuta Hosotani, tel: 042-793-2709
Branches in Hoya and Tanashi back next
Branches in Higashi Kurume-shim, Tanashi-shi and Hoya-shi
Tokyo Hoya Branch Master: Akira Okamura 1999.8.7.
(1)Hoya-shi Aoyama elemantary school (Mon.:PM6:00-PM9:00)
Seibu ikebukuro line Hoya station or Seibu shinjuku line Higashi fushimi Station
(2)Hoya-shi Sports Center (Wed.: PM6:00-PM:9:00) Seibu ikebukuro line Hoya station
(3)Hoya-shi Higashi fushimi elemantary school (Thur.:PM6:00-PM9:00) Seibu shinjuku line Higashi fushimi Station
(4)Hoya-shi Hoya daiichi(1st) elemantary school (Fri.:PM6:00-PM9:00) Seibu ikebukuro line Hoya station
(5)Hoya-shi Budojol(martial arts center) (Sat.:PM6:00-PM9:00) Seibu ikebukuro line Hoya station
Point of contact: zip2020012 Mr. Akira Okamura, 4-9-32 Higashi-machi, Hoya-shi
Strict dicipline but warm atmosphere. Come and join us.
Hoya Kotobuki Branch Master: Seiki Ijima 1999.8.7.
(1)Hoya-shi Meiho junior high school training room, (Fri., Sun.: PM6:30-PM9:00)
Seibu ikebukuro line Hoya station 10 min. on foot
(2)Hoya-shi Motomachi elementary school, (young only, Tues.:PM6:00-PM8:00)
Seibu shinjuku line Yanagisawa station 5 min. on foot
Point of contact: zip2020005 Mr. Seiki Ijima, 1-9-6 Sumiyoshi-cho, Hoya-shi
Enjoy Shorinji Kempo with your family.
Branches in Higashi Yamato, Higashi murayama, Kiyose and Kodaira back next
Branches in Higashi yamato-shi, Higashi murayama-shi, Kiyose-shi and Kodaira-shi
Tokyo Shieikan Branch Master: Shuichi Koike 1999.8.7.
(1)Kiyose elementary school (Mon..Wed., Fri.: PM6:00-PM9:00)
(2)Kiyose daisan(3rd) elementary school ( Tues., Thur.: PM6:00-PM9:00, Sat.: PM5:00-PM8:00)
Point of contact: zip1870035 Mr. Shuichi Koike, 5-33-8 Ogawa nishi-machi, Kodaira-shi
Seeking self dicipline rather than beating other person.
Tokyo Kodaira Branch Master: Takeshi Kashirakubo 2003.1.19.
(1)Kodaira City Gym. (Tue..Fri.: PM7:00-PM9:15)
(2)Hanakoganei Budokan ( Wed., Sat.: PM7:00-PM9:00)
Mail to Tokyo Kodaira branch

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