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Freshman and sophomores, for the most part, live on the Komaba Campus. Dormitories here, which once housed Shorinji Kempo Club room, sit vacant, scheduled for demolition to make space for new study facilities. The Students association continues to lobby University officials to retain the old dormitory structures.

map Click on the left map to see each area.
Brown part of the map shows the dormitories to be demolished.

Main gate, '05/5, click to expand.
seimon hokensenta 102
Main gate of Komaba campus.
Nothing has been changed for long.
Health care center. You can find this when you see your left hand side entering from the main gate. 102 Building, which stands next to Health care center.
w wO
Komaba-toudaimae station. The road down from Komaba-
toudaimae station.

1st Building. American research center. No.1 Build. '05/5, click to expand.
Class room in 1st building. 900 Building. Inside No.1 Build, '05/5, click to expand.
No. 900 class room, '05/5 click to expand. No. 900 class room exteria, '05/5 click to expand. No. 900 class room entrance, '05/5 click to expand.

15th Building. No. 10 Build. '05/5, click to expand. Main street, '5/5 click to expand.

ryou ryou inside
Vacant Dormitories.(winter '98) Vacant Dormitories.(winter '98) Inside of the vacant dormitory.
ryou sakura
This dormitory is not there any more. Splendid cherry blossoms in front of the central dormitory.(early April '99) A new libraly on the space of the dormitory.
A new libraly. Nov. 2002
Inside of the libraly.

seikyo gakkan shokudo
Coop. Student hall from 1st ground and club facility, right. Cafeteria under construction.
(early April '99)
Inside the COOP, '05/5, click to expand. Canteen, '05/5, click to expand. Canteen from outside, '05/5, click to expand.

There once a Judo dojo here. Training gim with cherry blossoms.
(April '99)

dosokaikan1 dosonaibu
Newly build house, restaurant.
Old Alumni house. This building does not exist any more. Inside the old alumni house. This building does not exist any more.
New house. '05/5, click toexpand. New house. '05/5, click toexpand. New house inside. '05/5, click toexpand. New house from the garden. '05/5, click toexpand.

sakura ground
All-weather Sports Grounds(early April '99)
sakuranamiki sakura ground
Cherry trees walk way near North gate.
(early April '99)
Football Ground
(early April '99)
sakura baseball sakura
Baseball Ground(early April '99)
Right is the 16th building seen from the baseball ground.

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