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The main facilities of Tokyo university are located here. Hongo Campus was a daimyo's garden in the Edo era and certain original structures remain. These include the Akamon, which is famous for its red gate, and Sanshiro Ike, famous because it was named after the young man in Soseki Natsume's short story.

地図 Click on the left map.
Up Hongo street, Akamon, Main gate,
Down University Hospital,
Center Sanshiro-ike.

工学部14号Engineering 1(right)
Engineering 14(left).

Science 1(right) and Engineering 3(left).
Science 1(center) and Science Chemical(left) from bus stop.
Science 1(left) and Science 4(center).

gotensitaGotenshita Ground from Shichitokudo.

三四郎池A way to Sanshiro-ike from Shichitokudo. 三四郎池Sanshiro-ike from Yasudakodo.
三四郎池Sanshiro-ike, after dredging.

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